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Congratulations Dan Sullivan
Brookside Men's Golf Club
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The following are the resolutions voted and approved by the BMGC Board at the Tuesday May 2, 2017 Board Meeting.  These resloutions are now in effect and are based on the Steering Committee recomendations appointed by the BMGC Club President

BMCG Steering Committee Recommendations for the Tournament and Handicap Committees

Problem statement

The Handicap Committee is not following the Brookside Policies and Procedures for Handicapping, as recently exhibited by the adjustment of select member handicaps for a recent monthly tournament.

The Brookside Policies and Procedures for Handicapping, particularly with regard to handicap adjustments, is unclear and subjective, which by its implementation, has strained contentment of the general membership.

Handicap adjustments have been made by members of the Tournament Committee, which is outside this committee’s purview.


The Steering Committee Goals:

  • ·      Improve transparency
  • ·      Remove subjectivity
  • ·      Adjustments are objective
  • ·      Improves Communication and Club Environment

The following are the recommendations to the committees.

Tournament Committee (TC) recommendations

·         Tournament handicap and scoring format should be agreed upon at the BMGC meeting prior to format being published.  The Tournament Committee submits the handicap and scoring formats to BMGC board meeting for concurrence two months prior so the web tournament posting is clear prior to open registration.  Clearly define both formats for the tournament events on the web page.
1.       Handicap Format; Low index or Current Index.
2.       Scoring Format; Tournament round or home round
·         The Tournament Committee Chair should not be part of the Handicap Committee
·         The Handicap Committee Chair should not be part of the Tournament Committee
·         The Tournament Committee may not impose handicap adjustments

Handicap Committee (HC) recommendations

  •          The minutes need to include the list of members who were reviewed during the Handicap Committee meetings.
  •          Any player affected by an adjustment should be notified in writing and have 48 hours to submit a request for an appeal.  Appeals and resolution must be made in writing and should occur before a tournament event and before an adjustment is made.
  •       Update the Handicap Committee mission statement for any recommendations that the BMGC board concurs with.

Steering Committee Considerations to the BMGC Board for Handicap Committee changes

  •         The Handicap Committee should always be an odd number of members for the committee
  •        The Handicap Committee Chair does not vote on any adjustment unless there is a tie between the handicap committee members voting (Ex 4-4 or 3-3 tie).  The Handicap Committee Chair’s vote will break any ties.
  •         The Handicap Committee should be 9 members.

o   Change the current 7 members to reduce the amount of BMGC board members

o   The committee should consist of no more than 4 BMGC Board Member and 4 or more club members. 

o   The Handicap Committee should never include more BMGC Board Members then regular members

o   The Handicap Chair could be rotated every three (3) years from a BMGC Board Member to a regular member.

BMGC Handicap Committee

The topic of discussion for the PAST YEAR has been centered on making the Handicap adjustment process objective for all members.  In following the recommendations of the Steering Committee of 2017, regarding the adjustment of a player's handicap index and thus, his course handicap, during his participation in Brookside events, the committee focused on
1) improving the transparency of the process; 2) removing the subjectivity of the handicap Chairman; 3) allowing for objective adjustments and 4) improving the communication and club environment for all members.

In order to accomplish the above, there needed to be a different method that was within the confines of the USGA Handicap Manual so that handicaps could be adjusted when necessary to level the playing field for all participants.   In that light, the committee was presented with the handicap adjustment algorithm used by the LA GOLF software, currently being used by several other clubs in Southern California, that computes a player's Current Index, Low Index and Club Index.  This third catagory factors a player's scores, home rounds, tournament rounds, course slope and rating, and tees played in relation to his current and low index, in past Brookside events.   This method is built into the LA GOLF software that is used by the BROOKSIDE Tournament Chairman to set up the monthly tournaments.  As such, once activated, the process alerts the Handicap Committee if a players Club Index is lower than his Current Index and/or his Low Index.   

This method is objective in that it is computed on all participants of the tournament.  It is not used on any one individual player...rather everyone who signs up to play will be analyzed by the software.   In addition, this method is based on the player's own scores that are posted during Brookside events.    

This will end the need for a "Watch List" within the club.  All players that participate will be under the guise of the method and it's objective findings.  As such, if a player plays during the "weekly skins" games or during casual rounds, those rounds will not be considered by the method.  But, when that same player plays in a Brookside event, these scores will be used to calculate his Club Index for Brookside events.   Couple this method with 'good old fashioned Peer Review' and the Handicap committee will have objective recommendations for handicap adjustments to forward to the Tournament Committee. 

In addition, The Handicap Committee, in conjunction with the Tournament Committee, will continue to enforce USGA and SCGA guidelines and take action as to players that continue to play beyond their "potential" as defined by the USGA Handicap Manual. This additonal factor will be used as another layer of review for the Committee when implementing an adjustment.  

This method has been submitted to the board.
This method has been APPROVED by the board.
AND, this method is a response to the membership as a whole who has cried out for help to level the playing field for all members who participate in Brookside events! 


It’s that simple.

We ask that each BMGC member, pay for his round, play their round to the best of their ability and then post their score immediately following their round.


It’s that simple.

The Brookside Men’s Golf Club Handicap Committee is just part of the Peer Review that every golf club has in place to ensure fair competition.

We are not here to single out individual players. We are here to ensure all members are treated fairly.

So all we ask is that you:


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  Addendum to the local rules for all BMGC tournaments and matches:

Any damage caused from vehicles parking on the golf course for Rose Bowl events is ground under repair (GUR). This rule is through the green (whole area of the course except the teeing ground, the putting green being played and all hazards).

Relief is the closest point no nearer the hole for stance and swing. No penalty.

Brookside is located next to the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and is managed by American Golf and the Rose Bowl Operating Company

Upcoming Tournaments
October 28 (Sun)  9:00 AM- BMGC SENIORS
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Brookside Golf Club (Course #1- C.W. Koiner)

It is a one day Low Gross/Low net tournament

Must be 50 years or older to Play

Everyone will play to their CURRENT INDEX

Deadline: October 20
Maximum Number of Players: 72
COST: $45.00
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