2017 BMGC Board Elections
Last Updated: 11/10/16
2017 BMGC Board Elections

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Brookside Men's Golf Club Board of Directors Election will be held this coming November 15, 2016 at the next General Membership meeting.  There are FOUR (4) open positions available.  All members are encouraged to submit, via email, their Intent to Run and Candidate Statement to the Election Chairman, Scott Anderson at sctkrstjkkc@hotmail.com.   Such Candidate Statements are due no later than October 10 so that they may be sent to the general membership for review on
October 11, 2016.   

The particulars are as follows:  Each Board Member elected, shall serve the membership for a three (3) year period beginning on January 1, 2017 and concluding December 31, 2019. Monthly board meetings, tournament meetings, budget meetings and Rules meetings as well as helping with tournaments, addressing membership concerns and working with other committees are all within the general job description.    

The election of the four (4) open Board positions for 2017-2019 will be held on November 15, 2016.  Voting can be done either by email or in person at the November 15, 2016 meeting.  You can vote for up to four (4) candidates on your ballot. 

If voting by email you must submit your name and current GHIN # along with the candidate's name(s).  If voting at the membership meeting, be sure to have your GHIN# with you.  

There are four (4) open board positions available. There are two (2) incumbent Board members who will run for re-election - Ed Kelly and Maurice Mischook.  The Board of Directors is always seeking hard working and energetic members in good standing.  Prepare your Intent to Run and Candidate statements and submit them before Oct. 10!  

All candidates statements will be on line and available to all on October 11, 2016.  

Election Chairman
Election Committee 
Candidate's Statement: Steve Duffy
I am very interested in serving on the Board of BMGC. I have been an active member of the men’s club for 20 years; have been involved in team play for five years; have played in nearly every Sunday tournament over at least 15 years; and have been a regular player in the Sunday skins game for a decade.
Though now retired, when employed, I worked in the commercial banking industry from 1974-1999, and then as an executive recruiter from 1999 to around 2011. I have a solid financial background (BS/MBA Finance); and though not a CPA nor accountant, should be able to be of use on our budget/finance committee.
I have been married to Barbra for 28 years, have a 27 year old son, and of note was on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers of Greater LA from 1984-2004.
Firstly in term of “temperament” which seems to be a hot term recently, a lot of members ask me weekly why I drive so far to play at Brookside every Sunday. My answer is always the same: over the last 10 years I have made many incredibly good friendships during and after golf. And secondly in terms of temperament you should know that I have strong opinions on the improvement of club matters. I would appreciate your consideration and vote on Tuesday 11/15/2016.
Steve Duffy
Candidate's Statement: Ben Henley
Gentleman – 
My name is Ben Henley, aka “Half Swing Henley”.  You would know why they call me “half swing” if we ever played golf together. I am a 66-year-old senior, Men’s Club member, who plays mostly on Friday tournaments because of the reduced cost for weekday golf. I was 4th on the Prize Money list this year and have played on the Thursday Brookside Team for several years since retiring from teaching.  Our Men’s Club Boards do a terrific thankless job for our club. Problems and concerns come up in any organization and I would like to volunteer my skills in helping resolve new  issues for my club for one term. I would appreciate your vote in the up-coming election for the board of directors at Brookside Men’s Club.
Ben “Half-Swing” Henley 

Candidate Statement: Ed Kelly
I would appreciate your vote for a second term as a Director on the Board of the Brookside Men’s Golf Club. I have learned a lot about how our Club is run during the past three years.  Our club is fairly well run and what has surprised me is that most of our revenue is returned to the membership in the monthly tournament prize winnings. I believe we will have more Board positions open for the 2017-2020 term and I would like to encourage other BMGC members to run for election.  We need all the help we can get. During the past three years I have worked on the various Club committees as well as Board Secretary.  If re-elected I will continue to serve our Club and its members to the best of my ability.  Thank you. 

Candidate Statement: Wayne Klippenstein
I am interested in being a part of the BMGC board.  I have been an active member since 1994.  I have participated in team play and the monthly tournaments.  My children are now in college and I have time to support my golf hobby.  I am a program manager for Northrop Grumman and have lead teams to deliver satellite navigation systems to various Gov programs.  As my kids were growing up I was heavily involved in the Pacific Youth Football League (PYFL) Santa Clarita Chapter from assistance coach to a head coach of a football team, as well as serving the PYFL board supporting the cheerleaders.   As I transition from supporting my children’s activity to supporting my golf hobby, I think those life experiences will help in the decision making process for the BMGC board members, bringing a fair and impartial decision for what is right for the BMGC.   As a board member I can offer support to make the Men’s Club membership grow, support the monthly golf events, and SCGA team play.  My background will ensure fair judgment and strong leadership to the BMGC.  
Candidate statement: Maurice Mischook
Once again it’s time to ask the membership to elect 4 members to serve on the BMGC Board of Directors for another 3 year term and once again I’m asking for the members of BMGC to vote for me.
Having served for several terms now and having been involved in many decisions related to the evolution of BMGC, I look forward to the continued progress the club has made in several areas, that everyone benefits from.
It’s no joke serving on the Board of Directors and everyone of the BOD is working very hard to make a difference, so please remember to thank those who you know that volunteer their time and effort to make BMGC the club it’s become. If on the other hand, you feel you have a special skill set, unique talent or just want to make a difference, by all means please let us know. BMGC is always looking for new blood! 
For years now, I’ve been known as the “raffle guy” as Bubba affectionately refers to me as, although we’ve not had a Membership Meeting in some time now.
But we will on November 15th at the next Membership Meeting and BOD Election, where I will once again be running the raffle! So I hope to see you there.
Besides the raffle I’ve assisted in updating the website and please feel free to email me any time you see something that should be revised and\or removed on the website. Another area I’ve assisted with are the Sunday Tournament Results and especially with the away Tournament Results. Please stop by and say hello anytime you see me entering scores, if only to introduce yourself and to let me know if you have any concerns, questions or interesting stories.
As an example, several members recently asked me, “why don’t we just have tournament results (player scores) simply uploaded to the SCGA\Ghin site, as we have, when we play in an SCGA Event? That’s a great question and there are many reasons why BMGC has chosen to have their members post their own scores. One reason… the 3 P’s, which is to remind everyone to Pay, Play & Post. Another reason, it’s every player’s responsibility to properly post your adjusted gross score. But I also see the point here and with the push of one button, I can post all the scores of a given event. So I will be asking the Tournament Committee to allow me to automatically post the scores in certain tournaments. Please remember in the mean time, it’s your responsibility to post your own adjusted gross score!
Behind the scenes I continue to also serve on the Handicap Committee in addressing the concerns of the membership…which by-the-way is a thankless job! If you ever feel the need to make a difference and be a part of the Peer Review process the Handicap Committee would love to hear from you.
In conclusion, as a proud and concerned member of BMGC, I am ready to serve the membership and I would like to ask you once again for your vote in the upcoming election. I care about the future of the club and sharing in the responsibilities of taking BMGC to the next level.
I look forward to seeing you on November 15th.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Maurice Mischook