Greens Committee
Last Updated: 11/18/17

Brookside Mens Golf Club  - Greens Committee Report

The Greens Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss various aspects of the entire operation at Brookside.  The committee is chaired by Dave Sams - the Director of Golf at Brookside on behalf of the Rose Bowl Operating Company [RBOC] and includes the General Manager of American Golf - Kyle Mitchell; the Superintendent of Course Maintenance at Brookside, the representative from the Brookside Men's Golf Club, and representatives from the Brookside Women's Club and the E.O. Nay Ladies Club.

Updates from the November 2017 meeting include the following:

1. As per the Superintendent, both courses have received a heavy dose of fertilizer to help them commence the turf growth for the fall.  All water main breaks have been repaired.  The greens complexes have also been treated and as the weather has cooled the greens and firm and fast!   

The grounds crew completed the re-soding of several fairways and tee boxes and the course is rounding into great condition.       

2. Both courses are still having some tree issues.  The removal of some older trees has become necessary and pruning will continue as necessary.   

3. The Cart Path repair project continues with any repairs being made that are necessary.   

The ROSE BOWL is still hosting UCLA football games and this adds added stress to both courses due to the parking and the patrons.  But, the courses are holding up as well as possible under these conditions.  

5. American Golf is implementing a policy of mandatory cart fees of $30 and two players per cart.  They will no longer allow 3 carts with single riders in any group.

6. American Golf has completed the restaurant renovations by changing the floor, the tables, the booths and chairs and adding larger televisions in the bar area.  They have also painted the interior.  

7. The posting computer in the pro shop has received an update by way of a dedicated internet service line.  Thus, the computer should be functioning at all times to allow all golfers the ability to post on the dates of play.


Submitted:  Randy Gottlieb

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