Tournament Results
Modified Stableford, February 10, 2017 - Modified Stableford
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 Final Results of the Stableford Tournament:

1st Place- 35 pts- Ed Kelly- $80
2nd Place- 23pts- Carlos Muzquiz- $70
3rd Place- 23 pts- Dave Hochenedel- $60
4th Place- 22 pts- Scott Anderson- $50
Closest to the Hole- Ed Kelly- $25

1st Place- 26 pts- Brad Anderson- $80
2nd Place- 24 pts- William Kochinski- $70
3rd Place- 24 pts- Robert Strain- $60
4th Place- 23 pts- Robert Tom- $50
Closet to the Hole- Robert Tom- $25

1st Place - 30 pts- Michael Giancanelli- $80
2nd Place- 23 pts- Terry Fallesen- $70
3rd Place-  22 pts-Bob Frey-$60
4th Place-  22 pts- Ben Henley- $50
Closest to the Hole- Bob Frey- $25 

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