Tournament Results
Two Man Shamble, March 13, 2016 - Team Scramble
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Tournament Notes: 
 Final Results of the 2 Man Shamble

"A" Flight
1st Gross- Score 60- Mark Miller and Dan Sullivan- $60 each
1st Net- Score 61- Joseph Malham and Maurice Mishook- $60 each
2nd Net- Score 61- Freddy Esparza and Chris Herrmann- $50 each

"B" Flight
1st Gross- Score 68- Alex Kim and Ji Kim- $60 each
1st Net- Score 59- Peter Connolly and Gordon Durand- $60 each
2nd Net- Score 59- Joseph Hernandez and Ronald Takaki- $50 each
3rd Net- Score 60- Geoffrey Fallesen and Terry Fallensen- $40 each

"C" Flight
1st Gross- Score 76- Scott Stukle and John Hernandez- $60 each
1st Net- Score 60- Rick Ramirez and Jim Sweatmon- $60 each
2nd Net- Score 61- Steve Duffy and Art Longoria- $50 each