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Thursday, May 19 thru Sunday, May 22


2015 Brookside Men's Club Champions

On behalf of the board of directors of The First Tee of Greater Pasadena I would like to thank our staff, coaches, supporters, parents, and especially our outstanding young men and women who have made 2014 our most successful year ever. Our chapter has reached the highest level of achievement in The First Tee Network due to the dedication of our coaches, staff, volunteers and supporters like the Brookside Men's Golf Club.
Our mission is to positively impact the lives of area youth by providing educational programs that teach life skills and core values like honesty, integrity and perseverance through the game of golf. The First Tee provides research-proven programs that make a positive impact on the players, families and communities. Young people face a multitude of influences throughout their lives that contribute to their ability to respond to everyday situations. Our programs are designed to help them develop the skills and core values necessary to face challenges with confidence and become the leaders of tomorrow. The First Tee of Greater Pasadena provides quality youth programs with adult mentors and safe places to learn and grow. Our coaches and staff are among the best in their profession and serve as role models for each student enrolled in our many programs. 
As we embark into 2015 and beyond we are excited to have expanded our service area where we expect to increase the number of locations we serve and provide our high quality programs to more young people throughout the greater Pasadena area. We look forward to maintaining the success we have had with our programs and continue this important mission to help our kids succeed now and in the future. 
Thank you. 
Michael A DeLucia 
First Tee of Greater Pasadena
Board President

 BMGC Handicap Committee


Fairness and Field Integrity are fundamental to every golf competition; whether it is a tournament event, a skins game, or a friendly wager. It is the responsibility of every club to recognize, respect, and uphold these basic principles.
The BMGC Handicap Committee supports the USGA and SCGA efforts to maintain and update every member’s index of current playing ability. How do we do this? The only way is PEER REVIEW.
PEER REVIEW is simply the acknowledgement by each member that a player’s true index is based on the consistent and fair posting of their adjusted gross score each time they play golf. 
The BMGC Handicap Committee wants to promote, educate, and remind our members of their PEER REVIEW responsibilities:
Avoidance of posting low scores, indifference to the posting of high scores, and deliberate manipulation of a score, cannot be condoned by any golfer who understands and appreciates fair play. 
POST YOUR SCORE, in a timely and accurate manner and help your fellow players do the same! 

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 Addendum to the local rules for all BMGC tournaments and matches:

Any damage caused from vehicles parking on the golf course for Rose Bowl events is ground under repair (GUR). This rule is through the green (whole area of the course except the teeing ground, the putting green being played and all hazards).

Relief is the closest point no nearer the hole for stance and swing. No penalty.

Brookside is located next to the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and is managed by American Golf and the Rose Bowl Operating Company


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