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Congratulations Tim Hogarth
2015 Pasadena City Men's 

Members of the Brookside Men's Golf Club: 

Your Board of Directors has elected me to serve as your President for the 2015 calendar year. As such, it will be my honor to serve all of you and to maintain all of the long standing and fine traditions of our club.

In that light, our Tournament Chairman and his committee, have prepared an outstanding program of monthly tournaments, special out of town events, and related "Major" tournaments at Brookside. These include a wide variety of individual and partner tournaments, that any member can participate in on either the second Friday or Sunday of each month. And, each tournament is flighted so that each participant can compete within their own skill level. Finally, each flight awards prizes to all players at or near the top of the competition! Our "Major" events will include the Club Championship, the Partners Better Ball and the Presidents Cup. And, Brookside is home to the annual Pasadena City Amateur Golf Championship, widely considered the best amateur event in Los Angeles county. Please visit the Brookside website for more information about all our events and all other club news.

The Board of Directors will continue to hold monthly meetings, to discuss all club events and policy, to insure our club maintains its fiscal integrity, and to continue to promote play by the Rules of Golf administered by the USGA [United States Golf Association]. Membership meetings will be held quarterly, with our first meeting scheduled for February 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm in the clubhouse. Membership meetings will follow an agenda of committee reports and will update all members as to the status of all club functions. We urge you to attend the meetings, as we welcome your suggestions as to how to improve all facets of our club.

Further, our club has an excellent relationship with Brookside management, Amercian Golf and the Rose Bowl Operating Committee. This relationship allows our club to be informed about activities and developments at Brookside, including the maintenance and improvement to both courses. We work closely with management to promote and foster their prime directive, that being to create a better golfing experience for all golfers.

Finally, our Board of Directors are committed to growing our membership at Brookside in order to help grow the game of golf. To that end, we have initiated a new membership and participation drive entitled "PLUS ONE." Just as if you were going to an event and you wanted to bring along one friend, one family member or one business associate, we at Brookside want each and every member to consider bringing that friend, family member or business associate to play golf at Brookside and to join and participate in the Brookside Men's Golf Club. And, we are working with American Golf to instigate a program of rewards for all members that bring another to Brookside and have them join the club and participate in our events. Golf is such an incredible sport, wherein everyone can participate at every level of play. And, at Brookside, with its state of the art facility, offering two championship golf courses, large driving range, practice and teaching areas, a wonderful clubhouse restaurant and the famous John Wells Golf Shop, it's truly a magnificient experience! Thus, we need your help and ask that everyone get involved to grow and protect this incredible game!

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we truly appreciate your continued participation and support of our club, and wish you nothing but all the best for you and your families in 2015.

Very truly yours,

Randall Gottlieb
BMGC President


 BMGC Handicap Committee



Fairness and Field Integrity are fundamental to every golf competition; whether it is a tournament event, a skins game, or a friendly wager. It is the responsibility of every club to recognize, respect, and uphold these basic principles.
The BMGC Handicap Committee supports the USGA and SCGA efforts to maintain and update every member’s index of current playing ability. How do we do this? The only way is PEER REVIEW.
PEER REVIEW is simply the acknowledgement by each member that a player’s true index is based on the consistent and fair posting of their adjusted gross score each time they play golf. 
The BMGC Handicap Committee wants to promote, educate, and remind our members of their PEER REVIEW responsibilities:
Avoidance of posting low scores, indifference to the posting of high scores, and deliberate manipulation of a score, cannot be condoned by any golfer who understands and appreciates fair play. 
POST YOUR SCORE, in a timely and accurate manner and help your fellow players do the same! 

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 Addendum to the local rules for all BMGC tournaments and matches:

Any damage caused from vehicles parking on the golf course for Rose Bowl events is ground under repair (GUR). This rule is through the green (whole area of the course except the teeing ground, the putting green being played and all hazards).

Relief is the closest point no nearer the hole for stance and swing. No penalty.

Brookside is located next to the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and is managed by American Golf and the Rose Bowl Operating Company

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