2019 BMGC Board Elections
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2019 BMGC Board Elections

Our Brookside Men's Golf Club Board terms are for a three year period beginning on January 1st. We will hold elections for four open Board positions for the 2020-2023 term from now through the BMGC Member's meeting on November 12, 2019.


Voting can be done either by email or in person at the Nov. 12th meeting. You can vote for up to four candidates on your ballot.


If voting by email, you must submit your name and current GHIN# along with the candidate's name. If voting at the membership meeting, be sure to have your GHIN# with you.


Below are the platform statements for this year’s Board candidates.




2019 BMGC Election Committee Chairman



Brad Barker

I am seeking your vote to become a new Board Member on the BMGC Board of Directors. I have been an active member of the BMGC for close to 20 years and participated in many tournaments, including the SCGA Team Play competition.

My goal as a Board Member would be to maintain the Clubs traditions, grow the membership and improve the consistency of the course conditions throughout the year. Also, I believe golf should be fun and accessible to all skill levels so we can grow the game.

My wife and I currently reside in La Cañada and have raised 4 children that are now scattered across the United States.

I would be honored to serve as a Board Member and would appreciate your vote.
Brad Barker


Steve Duffy

I am very interested in being elected for a second term as a Director of the BMGC. I have been an active member of our club for 23 years; have been involved in team play periodically for seven years; have played in nearly every Sunday tournament for 20 years; and have been a regular player in the Sunday skins game for a well over a decade.


Though now retired, when employed, I worked in the commercial banking industry from 1974-1999, and then as an executive recruiter from 1999 until 2012. 


During my first board term beginning in January 2017, I was the Associate Membership Chairman for two years, and since January 2019, I have been the Membership Chairman of the BMGC.


I have been married to Barbra for 31 years, have a 30-year-old son, and of note was on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers of Greater LA from 1984-2004.


A lot of members ask me why I drive so far to play at Brookside every Sunday. My answer is always the same: over many years I have made many incredibly good friendships during and after golf, and for me those friendships are well worth the drive.


I would appreciate your consideration, and vote on Tuesday 11/12/19.


Steve Duffy

Buddy Grazioli

Having been a member for a number of years, I feel it is time for me to get more involved and give something back to the club and our membership.   With mounting pressure from the Rose Bowl Operating Committee to generate revenue at the expense of our members and the community at large, we need strong representation on the Board to advocate for our interests.  I want to work to secure dates for the Pasadena City Championship tournaments that will allow us to increase attendance and to these events to their respective glory.   I will work with course management to do everything we can to improve the pace of play, course conditions and quality of the facilities.  Finally, I want to find ways to increase membership and grow the game, particularly with our youth. 

Ben Henley

I am requesting your vote in this election. I have been an active Brookside member for about 15 years. I have played on Brookside Teams for the last nine years. I have helped conduct a few of Brookside's Major Tournaments. Three years ago I served on the Handicap Committee and for the last 2 years on the Tournament Committee. A new voice, a fresh look is sometimes a good thing. I would be grateful for your vote of support.


Ben Henley 

Ed Kelly

I would appreciate your vote for a third term as a Board member of the Brookside Men’s Golf Club. I have tried my best to serve as your President for the past three years.  If re-elected to the Board I will continue to serve our Club in whatever role is needed for our BMGC to remain a great golf club for it’s members. 

Go Brookside!


Maurice Mischook

Being a member of BMGC has been a great experience and I am pleased to announce my plan to volunteer more of my time and effort in a variety of areas for BMGC.

I’ve been on the Board of Directors going on 11 years now and involved in many ways, from working on the website, scoring tournaments, assisting Daryl Parker in running the Saturday Gold Team, the occasional raffle at our monthly meetings and now the Away Tournament Director for BMGC. I’ve also served on the Handicap Committee for many years now and with you approval I’d like to continue serving BMGC in the areas I’ve listed above and then some.

In conclusion, as a proud and concerned member of BMGC, I am very interested in once again serving the membership and I would like to ask you for your vote in the upcoming election. I look forward to continuing to be in an active role in the future of the club and sharing in the responsibilities of taking BMGC to the next level.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Maurice Mischook



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