BMGC By-Laws Adopted 08-13 2019
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Brookside Men’s Golf Club By-Laws

Table of Contents

Article I Charter
Article II Becoming a Member
Article III Being a Member
Article IV Board of Directors
Article V Financial Management
Article VI Committees
Article VII Meetings
Article VIII Election Committee
Article IX Amendments

Article I, Charter

1. The name of this organization is Brookside Men’s Golf Club (“BMGC”).

2. Our objectives are to:

Maintain the high level of golf play on the course by (a) reinforcing golf’s tradition of
self-policing of the play by the players, (b) encouraging courtesy and sportsmanship on the course, and (c) insisting on the proper repair of the course by players during play.

Conduct an annual schedule of amateur golf events and championship golf tournaments.

Administer at the BMGC local level the USGA and SCGA handicap systems according to the guidelines of both organizations.

Maintain BMGC membership in SCGA and other appropriate area golf associations.

Participate in policy-making for and management of our home courses.

Operate as a non-profit organization.

Article II, Becoming a Member

1. BMGC has three types of memberships called regular, associate, and junior members. SCGA membership and index cards are issued to all three member types.

2. Applicants for all three member types must fill out the then current application form, either online or paper, and the approval for membership may be reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee, and/or the Board of Directors (“Board”).

3. All applicants, to become a regular member, must be male and at least 18 years old. An applicant for junior member must be at least 12 and under 18 years old. Applications for regular members are processed in the order of the applicant’s position on the regular member waiting list, if any.

4. BMGC has agreed with the City of Pasadena that there can be no more than 550 regular members. The total number of members in the club may be further limited at any time by a majority vote of the Board.

5. A former regular member, in good standing, may be reinstated by the Board if an opening is available.

6. The Board may confer honorary membership to an individual in recognition of outstanding work for BMGC, or services rendered at Brookside, in the interest of the game of golf. An honorary member is a non-playing member.

Article III, Being a Member

1. Each member agrees that by accepting membership he will read and abide by the By-Laws, and the rules and regulations of BMGC. In addition, during the operational year, each member agrees to participate in one tournament, or attend one meeting, or assist in the conduct and/or technical support of a club activity or event.

2. Only a regular member may vote in meetings and hold office in BMGC.

3. A member who is delinquent in the payment of his dues is subject to forfeiture of his membership.

4. The Board may suspend a member who fails to comply with the By-Laws, and other rules and regulations of BMGC. The Board determines the length of the suspension based on the severity of the non-compliance.

5. The Board may recommend that a member be expelled for non-compliance with the By-Laws, or rules and regulations. Two-thirds of the Board present at a Board meeting must agree.

6. No member shall be suspended or expelled without first being given an opportunity to attend a meeting of the Board for the purpose of responding to formal, written charges made against him.

7. Suspended members and expelled members may not vote in meetings, or compete in BMGC tournaments.

8. A member who has been expelled for non-payment of dues or non-compliance with other club obligations may be reinstated by the Board, if the Board finds merit in the case made for reinstatement and if there is an opening.

Article IV, Board of Directors

1. The control and management of the affairs, funds, and property of BMGC, is vested in its membership. As the agent and representative of the membership, the Board acts as a permanent steering committee and a permanent finance committee for BMGC.

2. The Board shall consist of twelve (12) elected members.

3. Election: One third of the total number of directors, four (4), shall be elected annually. Each Board Member shall be elected to serve a term of three (3) years, beginning with the calendar year (January 1st), following the November election. Newly elected Board Members are eligible to attend the December Board meeting but without voting rights.

4. Election of Officers: At its December meeting, the Board shall elect six (6) officers, consisting of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Chairman, to serve a one (1) year term, which shall begin with the calendar year (January 1st), following the December Board meeting.

5. Vacancy: If a position on the Board becomes vacant, the remaining Board members may choose a successor to fill the vacancy and complete the term of the Board member leaving, if agreed upon by the majority of the Board.

6. It shall be the President’s and the Secretary’s responsibility to keep detailed records and monitor the directors’ terms.

7. The work of the Board is done by standing committees, special committees, and by the Board acting as a committee of the whole. Officers, directors, and selected club members, are responsible for chairing the committees, as assigned by these By-Laws, and by the President.

8. The President, reinforced by the Board, supervises, in a general sense, all affairs of the club. He sees that the By-Laws, rules, and regulations are enforced. He presides at all meetings of the club. With the Secretary, he prepares an agenda of old and new business items to be discussed at each meeting.

9. The President approves the appointment of all standing committee members. He appoints any special committees necessary to carry out the programs of the Board. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.

10. The President reports annually on club activities during the past year.

11. The First Vice President assumes the duties of the President if the President is unable to act. He is also chairman of Tournament Committee.

12. The Second Vice President assumes the duties of the President if both the President and the First Vice President are unable to act. He is also chairman of the Handicap Committee.

13. The Secretary, working with the President, prepares an agenda of old and new business items to be discussed at each club meeting. If the President, First Vice President and Second Vice President are all absent from a meeting, the Secretary calls the meeting to order as described in Article VII, Meetings.

14. The Secretary performs various management tasks, including preparing meetings, recording meeting proceedings, organizing special projects and overseeing the work of special committees.

15. The Treasurer’s duties are listed in Article V, Financial Management.

16. The Membership Chairman is also a Director. His duties are listed in Article VI, Committees.

Article V, Financial Management

1. BMBC’S operational year is from January 1st through December 31st.

2. The Board acts as the permanent finance committee of the club. In this capacity, the Board determines the annual dues for each class of members, and the one-time initiation fee if any, to be paid by a new Regular Member.

3. Annual dues for each operational year are due on October 1st. Annual dues are delinquent after December 23rd.

4. The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds of the club. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting the funds, depositing them in accounts as instructed by the Board, and disbursing them to settle accounts payable.

5. The Treasurer will promptly pay a bill for expenditure, even if it is not included in BMGC’S approved annual budget, if he determines that the bill is valid. The Treasurer will report the unbudgeted payment at both the next regular Board meeting, and the next regular meeting of the members.

6. All written instruments necessary to conduct BMGC’S financial business will be signed by the Treasurer and the President. If the President is unavailable, the Treasurer and a Vice President will sign the instruments. If the Treasurer is unavailable, the President and a Vice President will sign the instruments. In addition, the Chairman of Major Tournaments (including the Pasadena City and Pasadena City Senior Championships) may be authorized by the Board to co-sign such instruments.

7. Electronic transactions: In lieu of the requirements for written instruments, as described in the preceding paragraph, the Treasurer, and one other member, acting as an alternate and pre-selected by the Board for this purpose, are authorized to individually conduct financial transactions and other business of the Board electronically. Such transactions are recorded by the treasurer and reflected accordingly in the Club’s financial records.

8. Well before the start of each new operational year, the Treasurer will chair meeting(s) of a special Finance Committee to prepare the next year’s budget for the Board’s review and approval.

9. Throughout the year, the Treasurer will keep the BMGC books of accounts, and will be prepared to report on the financial status of BMGC at each regular meeting. At the end of the year, the Treasurer will summarize BMGC’S financial status, financial activity of the year past, and present the summary at the Annual Business Meeting of the regular members.

10. The Audit Committee will conduct  either an audit, or review-, of the financial management of the BMGC,  as requested by the Board throughout the year.

Article VI, Committees

1. The members of each standing committee, and each special committee, will be appointed by the committee chairman. The work of each committee is subject to review by the Board. The standing committees are:

2. Handicap Committee, responsible for the local operation and maintenance of the handicap system, as established by the SCGA, and for following the handicap system guidelines of both the USGA and the SCGA.

3. Membership Committee, responsible for re-enrolling members, screening and processing all types of new membership applications, maintaining and publishing the Regular Membership list (the BMGC Roster), and maintaining the regular Membership waiting list and the list of Associate Members.

4. Tournament Committee, is chaired by the First Vice President and is responsible for all BMGC tournaments, including the Pasadena City Championship and the Pasadena Senior Championship. The Committee is also responsible for updating the schedule of all club-sponsored tournaments, and coordinating the schedule with the Brookside Course Manager.

5. Web Site Committee, responsible for maintaining the BMGC web site, assisting each Board Member in updating their links on the web site, and sending out e-mails of BMGC information to all regular members as needed.

6. Audit Committee, responsible for conducting audits, or reviews, of the BMGC budget and financial records, as described in Article V.10.

7. Election Committee, appointed by the President, which shall consist of a minimum of one (1) Board member and two (2) non-Board members. The Election Committee shall be responsible for the duties listed in Article VIII, Election Committee.

8. Entertainment Committee, responsible for scheduling guests, performers, and other attractions and special events to enhance and complement club meetings and golf activities.

9. Rules/Eligibility Committee, responsible for locally resolving disputes arising during play, based on interpretation of the rules of golf, and for enforcing the rules and eligibility policies of the USGA and the SCGA.

10. Community Relations Committee, develops and maintains a positive relationship between BMGC and Brookside management (the Rose Bowl Operating Committee and American Golf), the Southern California Golf Association, the First Tee of Pasadena, the various involved agencies of the City of Pasadena, and the general public. The Community Relations Chairman attends the monthly meetings of the Brookside Greens Committee to discuss golf course maintenance, operations, improvements, and future planning.

11. Finance Committee, responsible for duties described in Article V, Financial Management.

Article VII, Meetings

1. Regular meetings of the general membership are held no less than four (4) times a year as scheduled by the Board. The President may call a special meeting of the Club at any time.

2. Only regular members may vote at these meetings. An associate member, or a guest, may attend a meeting when invited and accompanied by a regular member, if the Board has not closed the meeting to guests.

3. Meetings of the Board are held at a regularly scheduled time and place each month as determined by the Board. A total of seven (7) Board members must be present before business can be conducted

4. The first Board meeting, and first regular membership meeting of the year, represent BMGC’S annual business meeting. The agenda for these meetings includes discussion on the Club’s programs/schedule of tournaments, special events for the upcoming year, committee assignments, the budget and financial condition of the club, goals and objectives regarding membership, and any other business deemed appropriate by the Board.

5. If the President, First Vice President and Second Vice President are all absent from a meeting, the Secretary will call the meeting to order, and will designate a chairman to preside over that meeting.

6. The President, working with the Board, will set a specific agenda for each Board and regular membership meeting. The agenda for each meeting will focus on the interests and activities of the Club, at the time of the meeting, including reports from individual committees, and a Treasurer’s report.

7. No item of business may be postponed, if a majority of members present, at the meeting, request that the item not be postponed.

8. Votes at meetings (except elections) are by voice, by rising, or by roll call. The method used is at the discretion of the presiding officer.

9. If not set out in these By-Laws, Robert’s Rules of Order will govern procedures at all meetings.

Article VIII, Election Committee

1. The Election Committee establishes and/or updates the criteria for candidate Directors, and in September, solicits both nominations and applications for open positions.

2. The Election Committee (a) uses the criteria to screen nominees and applicants for inclusion on the ballot, (b) prepares an election fact sheet for each selected candidate which summarizes the candidate’s credentials and his stated objectives as a future Board member, and (c) includes the fact sheets in the October e-mailing to the regular members.

3. The Election Committee prepares an official ballot, which ballot shall be included in the November e-mailing to the regular members. Ballots are to be forwarded to the Election Committee by either e-mail, U.S. Mail, or delivered in person, no later than the General Membership Meeting held in November. The Election Committee will validate each ballot.

Article IX, Amendments

1. Recommendations for additions or changes to these By-Laws may be proposed by any member, including Board members, at any general membership meeting, Board meeting, or special meeting called for this purpose.

2. After having been introduced, a proposed amendment must be published, within 45 days, either in print or electronically, as the Board directs, after the meeting at which the amendment is proposed. The proposed amendment is then voted on at the next meeting of the regular members.

3. The proposed amendment must be approved by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the regular members present at the meeting in which the proposed amendment is considered.
Amended August 13, 2019