GHIN Handicap Vendor
Last Updated: 12/08/09

On January 4, 2010 SCGA will have a new handicap vendor. All electronic score posting will be suspended from December 22, 2009 - January 4, 2010 during the migration.

What will a change in the SCGA’s handicap vendor to GHIN mean to me?

1. Will I keep my SCGA member number? No, Your SCGA member number will change to a unique seven-digit number. SCGA members will place a "9" in front of their current six-digit membership number.

2. What happens if I already have a GHIN number from another golf association? If you are currently a member of another golf association which uses GHIN as its handicap vendor, you will retain that same GHIN number for the SCGA. Your score files will be combined at the time of transition to keep the most up to date scoring information.

3. Can I still post scores online? Yes, if your club allows online score posting then you will still be able to post your scores online through

4. Does GHIN offer a player’s statistics package? Yes, through the eGolfer program you may keep track of stats such as putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation, penalty strokes and much more. Selected graphs can then be run for specific periods of play.

5. Will my score file still be available to view online? Yes, individual score files will be available for viewing by name or by membership number through

6. Will the Handicap Index be updated more frequently than once a month? Yes, your Handicap Index and Low Handicap Index will be updated on the 1st and 15th of each month.

7. Will the golfer still be able to post their scores at any computer in Southern California? Yes, all golf associations in Southern California have independently made the decision to change handicap vendors to GHIN beginning in January 2010. The posting screens at the golf course facilities will change in the look of posting a score but the same scoring information will be captured. As an added benefit, SCGA members will be able to post within 70 golf association jurisdictions in the United States and abroad and have the scores routed seamlessly to their SCGA score file, including Northern California and Hawaii.

8. If I make a mistake when posting a score will I contact the SCGA to correct it? No, your handicap chair will maintain their ability to perform score corrections on any score posted by one of the members as well as other file maintenance features.

9. Does GHIN offer a tournament module? Yes, GHIN offers the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) which is fully integrated into the handicap system as part of the vendor service. More information including trainings sessions will be provided by the SCGA at a later date.

10. Will I be able to view my entire score file at every club that I play in Southern California? No, currently with the GHIN program a golfer can only view their current file of 20 scores at the course where they maintain their Handicap Index.

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