Presidents Message
Last Updated: 04/05/19

April 3, 2019 

A few days ago an email blast was sent to you regarding the Rose Bowl Operating Companies proposal to consolidate all of the various Brookside green fee rates into a simplified rate structure.  There will be an RBOC hearing tonight, Thursday April 4th at the Brookside Clubhouse, beginning at 7:00 PM and we encourage you to attend.

This past Tuesday evening your BMGC Board held our Regular monthly meeting and we invited the Brookside Golf Operations Management to attend.  We let them know exactly how we feel.  Yet tonight we encourage you to do the same.  While we understand the intent to simplify the rate structure it doesn't take into consideration the increase in deteriorating conditions of our golf course nor the discount that should be made available to all Pasadena City Residents and the many Seniors that play our Course. 

Your Board was quite vocal in expressing concern about the increase of "mini-events” that will take over the golf course and restrict play.  And while we understand the continuing restrictions that will apply to water usage, these Major and minor events will continue with no resolution in sight on how to improve playing conditions. It’s only going to get worse.

In addition, the proposed fee structure, which we were told will be instituted on a trial basis, will no longer have a Resident Discount.  That is not fair.  There are close to 200 BMGC members that are residents of Pasadena and as taxpayers we should not have this local discount taken away from us. I am going to notify my neighborhood’s City Council Member and I suggest that you residents do the same. 

If you had a chance to read the latest SCGA Fore Magazine you would have seen a very timely article on Brookside.  Read it if you haven’t.  Our current Club Champion, Dan Sullivan commented about the concern for maintaining the Championship Quality of our Course.  Dan’s points stuck home to the RBOC.  Tonight, is our chance. 

I’ll leave you with a comment that one of our Board Members made on Tuesday evening. 

This rate proposal, along with increased Players Club fees, elimination of the resident rate, higher weekday senior rates, a lack of senior rates on the weekend [when the RBOC normally uses two holes for their 1-2 day events] and the near doubling of major events throughout the year...and the pitch is this is similarly priced as other local, muni, county type courses in Los Angeles?  Not even close.  Name one other local, muni, county course that has 50, 1 - 2 day events, 25 major events and parks thousands of cars all over the fairways?  If there are any others....I can't think of them.  

Our golf course is slowly but surely slipping away from us gentlemen, it’s time we all spoke up. 

Ed Kelly
BMGC President