SCGA Report by Art Longoria
Last Updated: 08/12/19

                      To summarize some of the feedback and update the group on next steps, below are some bullet point items we look to implement:


  • 60-Day Free Trial: Implement this program with all Associate Member Network clubs.
    • Significant outreach to update all clubs participating in the program to ensure awareness.
    • Implementation date: January 1, 2020
  • Free Trial: With beta testing complete, we've received the go-ahead from our clubs to roll it out to all SCGA clubs utilizing the online portal system.
    • Substantial engagement with clubs to increase awareness.
    • Implementation date: October 1, 2019
  • SCGA Club Summit:  SCGA to facilitate regional meetings inviting clubs to participate in breakout sessions of various topics.
    • Utilize current club officials to speak on behalf of the Association in a panel type session.
    • Implementation date: Spring 2020
  • Club Contacts:  SCGA to provide an efficient way for clubs to update/verify club officials listing.