Last Updated: 02/11/20

November 30, 2016

The BMGC has elected new Rules Chairman, VIC BUXTON.  Vic has been certified by the SCGA/USGA and has attended several USGA and SCGA Rules seminars.

The BMGC has a local rule regarding damage to the course from parking cars on the course. Should you encounter any damage to the course from the parking of cars during an event at the Rose Bowl or otherwise, you are entitled to relief, no nearer the hole, without penalty. .

Part of the removal of turf for the water conservation plan is the planting of some new trees in those areas. The following addendum to the local rules is in effect for 2015.

To the local Rules

Mandatory: relief for any newly planted trees with or without stakes and the tree well that interferes with a players swing or stance.
DECOMPOSED GRANITE: Free relief may be taken from the Decomposed Granite on the right side of hole 18 and from any other area wherein
Decomposed Granite is present. 

Relief is the nearest point that gives the player maximum relief for swing and stance plus one club length not near the hole.

Without penalty.