Tournament Results
December 2-Man, 2-Day Classic - Round 2, December 17, 2017 - Team Better Ball
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Tournament Notes: 
 Christmas Classic Final Results:

"A" flight
1st Gross- Score 181- Freddy Esparza and Dave Hochenedel- $125 Each
1st Net- Score 166- Bob Carter and Randy Gottlieb- $125 Each
2nd Net- Score 167- John Faieta and Chiwon Kang- $100 Each
3rd Net- Score 168- Daryl Parker Jr and Ronald Takaki- $75 Each
4th Net- Score 170- Danaon Allen and Danny Allen- $60 Each
5th Net- Score 170 - Robert Biggar and Benjamin Findel- $45 Each
6th Net- Score 171- Paul Baker and Warren Miura- $40 Each

"B" Flight
1st Gross- Score 199- Rob Moore and Bob Greenough- $125 Each
1st Net- Score 166- Bradley Barker and Steve Duffy- $125 Each
2nd Net- Score 167- Peter Connolly and Bob Frey- $100 Each
3rd Net- Score167- Wescott Guarino and Arvie Neal- $75 Each
4th Net- Score 168- Tony kennedy and Joe Plescia- $60 Each
5th Net- Score 168- Hector Diaz and Jack Plescia- $45 Each
6th Net- Score 168- Wayne Klippenstein and Wade Mckenzie- $40 Each