Tournament Results
2-Man Christmas Classic - Round 2, December 15, 2019 - Team Scramble
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Tournament Notes: 
 Final Results of the 2 Day Christmas Classic

"A" Flight
1st Gross- Score 181- Robet Biggar and Rob Kring- $100 Each
1st Net- Score 169- John Brady and Andrew Herotin- $100 Each
2nd Net- Score 176- Ed Kelly and Rob Moore- $75 Each
3rd Net- Score 177- Brenden Polsin and Matt Soule- $50 Each
4th Net- Score 179- Patrick Carrigan and Neil Moore- $30 Each

"B" Flight
1st Gross- Score 188- Joseph Hernandez and Tony Valenzuela- $100 Each
1st Net- Score 167- Rodrigue Colaianni and Stephane Zablot- $100 Each
2nd Net- Score 173- Roel Astacaan and Jon Landis- $75 Each
3rd Net- Score 177- Warren Miura and Ronald Takaki- $50 Each
4th Net- Score 180- James Kosmicki and Ken Miller- $30 Each

"C" Flight
1st Gross- Score 207- Tony Kennedy and Joe Plescia- $100 Each
1st Net- Score 174- Don Barkley and Robert Tom- $100 Each
2nd Net- Score 175- Scott H. Anderson and Brad Anderson- $75 Each
3rd Net- Score 177- Ben Gottlieb and Randy Gottlieb- $50 Each
4th Net- Score 177- Peter Connolly and Gordon Durand- $30 Each

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